“We maintain that miracles from the past instill hope for the future, where good seed penetrates hard soil and dry places wait in expectation for a coming deluge.”

About TBP

The Boulder Project is a collective vision for seeing a worshipping community of grace, truth, beauty, and service come to reality near the center of Boulder County.  Our hope and desire is that together with a new campus ministry at the Colorado University, our church will over time be able to support other churches throughout the region. Presently, we are not a church— but an idea. A grand vision held by a cluster of institutions as well as men and women in the Greater Boulder area who long to see a church proclaim the redeeming love of Christianity and labor for the flourishing of their neighbors.



Brandon, Amy, and Aidan (2 years old) currently live in Nashville where they have planned and dreamed about starting a new church in a university town, one that would reach professionals and students alike.  The Addison’s plan to move to Colorado in June and spend a year understanding Boulder Culture and sensibilities before launching in Boulder County.

What Others Have To Say:

” The Boulder Project has helped me see Christ in a new light.” J Roth of RCN.

” I didn’t know a vision like this before I came to The Boulder Project” C Bedor


Give. Join. Pray.

For a church plant to become a reality, many people need to become involved. There are three ways you can play a key role in bringing The Boulder Project to life: Give. Join. Pray.   It takes time to develop vital relationships, and the cost of living in Boulder is much higher than many other parts of the country, so we have developed a multi-year funding strategy.

To learn more about how you can Give, Join our team to plant in Boulder, or Pray for our work click here