News: Boulder is an Example of Community Innovation

January 3, 2013-What it Takes to Foster an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem?

Posted by Brandon Addison

Richard Florida talks about the new economy and the need for cities cultivating entrepreneurial ecosystems.  In his article, he uses Boulder as the key example of how a city can foster innovation.   More can be found in his Atlantic article here




DECEMBER 18, 2012- Boulder Receipt of IBM’s Smarter City Grants
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The City of Boulder was one of the inaugural receipts of IBM’s Smarter City Grants.   Cities have become the dominant force in our economy with over 50% of America’s population living in metropolitan centers.   IBM will contribute funding and 3 years of expertise from their top experts of different business units and geographies to work closely with city leaders and deliver recommendations on how to make the city smarter and more effective.  To see the other city receipts, click here.


DECEMBER 3rd, 2012- WHAT’S MISSING?  Boulder City Video
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Boulder is a great city to live in. No doubt, its surrounded by stunning beauty, a vibrant culture of creativity, and budding technology district. The local government has showcased the “best” of Boulder in this video titled “Welcome to Happiness.”  Yet, what’s even more interesting is what’s missing in this promo.  The Gap in this video forefronts the city’s true, deeper needs of her citizens and institutions.


NOVEMBER 18, 2012- Boulder cited as “Next Silicon Valley.”
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When one thinks of global centers of innovation, entrepreneurship cities like Silicon Valley, London, Singapore, New York, and Hong Kong are usually cited.   Yet, Boulder, Colorado, a town with a surrounding population of 300,000, is making a splash in tech start up industry.  Some experts have accoladed Boulder as the “Next Silicon Valley.”

Check out Novembers feature articles on Boulder’s Booming Start Up Industry in The Financial Times and The Boulder County Business Report.



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Creativity, the main driver of America’s economy, is concentrated in and around cities such as San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, San Diego, and Washington DC.  Richard Florida reports in the “trend-and lists” that the most creative metro area is Boulder, Colorado.   Already being the home of tech giants IBM, Google, and Bing — Boulder has recently been dubbed the “Next Silicon Valley” in regard to innovation, start-ups, non-profits, and venture-capital funding.

Read more about Boulder’s emerging tech/start up industry from the NY TimesColorado Technology, and Business Week.