Boulder 101

It is not hard to see Boulder’s significance for Colorado and the west.  With just over 300,000 people Boulder County is the 3rd largest metro area in Colorado behind Denver and Colorado Springs.  It is home to the University of Colorado which enrolls roughly 37,000 undergraduate and graduate students as well as a budding technological district that now includes Google, Bing, Rally Software Development, and Tech Stars. Once known as a hotbed of hippies, college students, rock climbers, and dispensaries, now is being noticed as a technological hot spot.

“Boulder has reached this beautiful sweet spot, where it has many advantages of a university town — tech and talent and openness — but without many of the costs and traffic and congestion that may disadvantage incumbent centers of innovation,” says Richard Florida, author of Rise of the Creative Class.  With Boulder’s reputation for being the most politically and socially liberal city in both Colorado and the country, it is ripe for the gospel to have a transforming impact, locally and regionally. Its younger population is simultaneously culturally and spiritually open to new ideas, but radically skeptical of any that appear exclusive to that openness.  This translates into great potential for the gospel to transform the city of Boulder, as well as the communities well outside its geographic boundaries.

It’s simply too important of a city not to be impacted by Jesus.