About Brandon

                            BRANDON and AMY ADDISON        

Brandon’s previous pastoral work occurred in Saint Louis and in Nashville where he helped lead two churches working at the intersection of faith and culture. While studying in Saint Louis, he was Schaeffer Fellow at the Francis A Schaeffer Institute where he attempted to demonstrate compassionately and defend reasonably the claims of Christ upon the whole of life..

When not serving the local church, he also consults on leadership/organizational development issues, writes on culture, and attempts to stay in shape. He is a self-claimed “recovering experience junkie” whose past life has included being a marathon runner, whitewater river guide, and certified alligator wrestler. He is married to his best friend Amy, and both keep busy with their two-year-old slugger, Aidan.  He originally fell in love with university towns while studying in Athens, GA and Charlottesville, VA; while his love for the mountains came while spending summers as a whitewater river guide in Colorado.


BS and BA Psychology and International Affairs, University of Georgia, 2005

MDiv with Honors, Kern Scholar and Francis Schaeffer Fellow,  Covenant Seminary, 2010