Dear Friends,

The Story of The Boulder Project began in our hearts long ago in our undergraduate days, as we both ventured out West.  Little did we know that these small experiences in the West would eventually grow into an actual step where we would put down roots, raise our family, and plant a church — in Boulder.

Boulder was originally established by Eastern gold miners attempting to find prosperity during the late 1850′s. Now people from all over the world flock to Boulder, not just for monetary gain, but also for top-tier education, sociological freedom, technological innovation, healthier living, stunning beauty, and for many — utopian ideals of community.    Once a mining camp — Boulder is now a trend-setting city for the Rocky Mountain region, a cultural megaphone to the West.

Boulder is glorious in many ways; at the same time, we believe it can be better still. So we will strive to celebrate where Boulder shines, and to serve where Boulder is broken and needs work. Boulder is a city teeming with people finding spirituality, meaning, glory, and purpose in almost every place — except in the God who created them.

With Boulder’s reputation for being the most politically and socially liberal city in Colorado, and one of the most liberal in the country, it is ripe for the gospel to have a transforming impact, locally and regionally. Its younger population is simultaneously culturally and spiritually open to new ideas, but radically skeptical of any that appear exclusive to that openness. This translates into great potential for the gospel to transform the city of Boulder, as well as to impact communities well outside its geographic boundaries.

Amy and I have been dreaming about church like this for years.  The time has finally come.

With Eagerness,





Brandon and Amy Addison

If even ten percent of the evangelicals of our nation moved into the largest cities and lived out lives of love, truth, and servanthood, the culture would be fundamentally changed.        -James Montgomery Boice