Greater Boulder has spiritual sensibilities more similar to Western Europe than almost any other climate found in the United States.  Like Europe, Boulder first needs Christians who are simply loving and living in the city, before building a physical institution known as the church.  First, we must build relationships and must understand the beautiful, unique, and busted culture in the Front Range. As one local pastor has stated,  the only pathway to effective Christian living in Boulder is longevity.  Damage to the work of God is done when churches, friends and coworkers with the title of “Christian”  come and go claiming, “This is no place for Christians.”

The Boulder Project is thinking through a Three-Phase Strategy over the course of multiple years that includes: 1) the successful launch of a worshipping community, 2) the calling of an RUF Campus Minister, 3) the establishment of intentional ministries that affect cultural change in Boulder County (the est of a local gallery and a faith/work initiative, as well as the reproduction of other disciples, ministers, and artists for work in the greater West and sister cities to Boulder).


Phase 1 Milestones: Planning and  Launching

  • Brandon and Amy move to Colorado, spend a year understanding culture, serve at the sending/mother church Rocky Mountain Presbyterian Church
  • Establishment of a Church in Boulder Cty, beginning with a cluster of community groups, leading to corporate worship
  • Calling and Launch of a Campus Minister to start RUF Campus Ministry at Colorado University
  • Reproduction of Several Community Groups through Greater Boulder that model authentic faith, “Love for their Neighbor,” and “Labor for their Flourishing”
  • Bringing onboard an Artist-in-Residence to lead worship, liturgical elements, and to hone his/her craft for the glory of God.


Phase 2 Milestones: Deepening

  • Church now known in community for “Gospel Posture,” “Excellence in Worship,” “Love for Boulder,” and Generosity
  • Vast multiplication of disciples and new believers through teaching and community groups
  • Faith and Work Forums connecting  similar vocations — with a focus on the inherit dignity of God
  • Formalization of our artistic and “create & cultivate” endeavors through an artist presence in Boulder
  • Calling of Assistant Pastor to assist with added pastoral needs and church influence


Phase 3 Milestones: Reproducing

  • The Boulder Project is now giving generously to other reproducing movements in the area
  • Launches “Church Planting Apprenticeship” program and “Artist-in-Residence” program that serve as a catalytic training arm for the region.
  • The Boulder Project begins to plan its next church plant/site in a sister city with a similar influence in Colorado or beyond
  • Development of a “University City Initiative” where leaders in similar areas connect, share best practices, and learn from cultural movements


Quote from Cultural Streams of Boulder by Brian Carlucci, Pastor at Cornerstone Church, Boulder, Co