PREPARING  December 1 – May 31, 2013

This Fall the Addison’s announced a call to plant a new church in Boulder, Colorado.  Currently, they are in the preparatory phase of relocating to Boulder, Colorado this Spring.

  • Establish a Prayer and Financial Support Team
  • Read Books and Study Reports on Boulder
  • Addison’s and RUF Colorado University Couple move to Colorado this Spring


RELOCATING + LEARNING  June 1st 2013- May 2014

Rocky Mountain Presbyterian Church, alongside the Western Church Planting Network has offered to serve as a partner church.  Here Brandon and Amy will be preaching and serving at Rocky Mountain while learning about the City of Boulder, building a community, making friends in our neighborhood,  sharing the gospel, and building a core team of people who want to be a part of The Boulder Project.

  • Study Boulder, Become a Fixture in the “Third Place” & Build Relationships
  • Develop Pastoral Presence at RMPC + Volunteer @ Service Organizations
  • Host Informal Gatherings and Regular Parties
  • Ask Questions of the City and Begin Gathering for Community Groups
  • Finalize Vision + Values of the Church


GATHERING + LAUNCHING  June 2014-January 20015

  • Launch 3 City Groups by June 2014
  • Launch Worship Service with Vital Ministry Teams August 2014 (key milestone is 150 people committed to our church)
  • First Members Received January 2015



Long term, we want to see a vibrant church with a strong faith and work initiative, a deep love for Boulder that flows out into an artist in residence program, and a disciple making organization that sends out other ministers and artists to do work in the West.  With a cadre of other like minded churches, we are currently drawing up blue prints for a Western Church Planting Training Center to seed areas of cultural influence with Gospel Christianity.