Simply put, God cares deeply about Boulder. We, as a community, desire to model God’s intentions here.  We believe Boulder is glorious in many ways; at the same time, we believe it can still be better. So we will strive to celebrate where Boulder shines, and to serve where Boulder still needs work. All this in hopes that many might see, know, and experience the  love of God.

The Boulder Project hopes to proclaim and embody the message of Christianity  by going into every sphere of culture, and using our various gifts to live out the truth of the gospel.  We long to see the message of Jesus bring about true changes in lives: personally, socially, and culturally.

Because of God’s work, we long to see The Boulder Project:

…help believers and non-believers alike examine the claims of God, and explore how they can apply the
Gospel to their lives.
…love both the religious, the lost, the found, the burned, bored, spiritual, and skeptical — all in hopes that we
find our deeper identity in Christ
…remember what it is like not to believe
…integrate the importance of faith and work
…offer hope and redemption through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus
…care about academia and the university through the establishment of a RUF Campus Ministry
… be noticed for its radical service and generosity
…remember the poor
…awaken joy, beauty, and truth in those we encounter
…create a culture of intergenerational community that moves against the prevailing current of individualism
…resist the lure of individualism of Boulder through transparent community, and model healthy community through a team-based leadership structure
…thoughtfully embrace and engage the arts and other cultural forms through the establishment of a city gallery, and artist-in-residence program
…carefully listen to neighbors and admit when we are wrong
…celebrate and affirm the glorious and good of Boulder
…labor alongside other institutions to see the citizens and the city flourish
…create a safe and honest environment where people can deal with their questions and doubts
…model a reduplication movement of disciples, leaders, pastors, and churches throughout this region and far beyond.

It will not be enough for Christians to simply live as individuals with the gospel in the city.  They must be a particular kind of community.   Jesus told His disciples that they were ‘a city on a hill whose life and action showed God’s glory to the world.  That is, Christians are called to be an alternate city within every human culture.”  — Tim Keller